Blessing nature

Are you feeling blessed? No??? WHY???? Here are some pictures which will make u “Awwww”. Mother nature will make you go crazy. Baby rabbits have come here to get a photograph to be clicked. Join them and say cheeeeeeeeeeeseeee. Lightning storm     Our Craneis angry and become pink. You have to bring some gift to make her happy now.  Flamingo   Our Huge friend has come to shower you with lots of luck.bp42 Buffalo doesn’t care, he’s happy taking a bath in this Dirty Pond.bp2 Mighty eagle is busy catching its Pray.Let’s not disturb her.Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) in flight with a fish Happy tree is wishing you happy days ahead.Sugar maple tree by a split-rail fence in rural Vermont, United Parrot ji is irritated as you didn’t give him a Mango. Go get one first.Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus), Sydney, Australia With Innocent eyes our Puchku cub is looking at you. Don’t be afraid he’s a loving Baby. Tiger Cub Salty ocean is so sweet that he is here to convey the message of Peace and says “Take care”.Kihei, Maui (Hawaii, USA) This is Goldie; the pup. Mischievous as hell. DO NOT DARE TO MESS WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mochi Sleeping koala looks Beautiful. Let’s not disturb his sound sleep. bbye baby!      ComputerDesktopWallpapersCollection616_00004     Tom  has something really important today. It’s ready for the feast and impress his Girlfriend. ComputerDesktopWallpapersCollection616_00115 Have a Bright future says the Blessing Nature.. ?????????????????????????


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