Wellness Clothing: The Latest Dimension

Wellness Clothing: The Latest Dimension

Madhurya, in association with AyurVastra(R&D and innovation) team recently launched the awesome innovative AYURFAB cloth-line. Ayurfab, a fabric incorporating natural yarns like cotton, silk, wool, coir, linen, hemp banana, nettle, bamboo etc, that are cultivated without chemical pesticide and fertilizer; and natural dyeing with pigment products from medicinal herbs and plants like tulsi, chandan, haldi etc.


AYURFAB represents a new paradigm in wellness clothing based on an ancient tradition and profound medical science that originated in India. The concept of dyeing AYURFAB clothes using medicinal herbs and plant products is adopted from the time-tested scriptures of Ayurveda. The AyurVastra(meaning “clothing for life/health”) team has done wonders in reviving this knowledge into fruition from the ancient texts of Ayurveda, using knowledge traditionally acquired from the ancestral lineage. This was further refined and developed to make the produce robust enough for modern use.

Ayurfab Rawmaterials

A glimpse of few of the natural raw materials used for AYURFAB

Skin, being the largest organ in the human body, is used as a gateway in Ayurveda to infuse herbal medicines that heal illnesses from the root; and AYURFAB clothing is based on this concept. The yarns(before weaving) are dyed fully naturally and manually using medicinal plants and herbs that are wild-found or farmed organically, which have specific health and wellness benefits proven by both tradition as well as research.  Such yarns are weaved into the fabric which makes the infused herbal products durable for at least 20 washes.

Ayurfab Process
A few of the methods of that go into making the natural garment

A few of the methods of that go into making the natural garment

The dyes are made from leaves, barks, seeds and roots of the selected herbs and plants. Each colour represents a predominant herb/plant along with the synergy of over 20 others that bring together an array of wellness and natural healing quality into the fabric. The raw materials used are a reminder of its ancient roots.

The pictures in this article give a concise idea of what goes into this fabulous line of wellness clothing called AYURFAB. We will keep you posted in the days ahead. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram!

Ayurfab kids1 Ayurfab kids

All kids in these pictures are dressed up in AYURFAB. Await a whole new galaxy of designs and colours in AYURFAB clothing for kids, women and men this Navaratri at Madhurya!!!


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