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Western women want to tan their skin, Indian women want to lighten their skin, as the saying goes the grass is always greener on the other side ,No debates, but we at Madhurya thought, why not mix it up? Indian jewelry & traditional wear is beautiful, western clothing is popular, let us face some facts; at Madhurya, we created the fusion look and makeover for women from teenagers to gracefully elder women; with deliciously dark skin to lusciously light complexions. At Madhurya we offer exclusive temple jewelry, imitation jewelry, and wide range collection of Sarees, variety of hand embroidered Kurtis which can easily mixed with our traditional Kurtis, Sarees to western attires, office to wedding look, and also kids apparel. Our collection can be easily paired up to with you western collection also to keep up with changing trends. For example you can wear our beautiful collection of earrings or neck pieces with jeans and white button down shirt, for semi-formal look…or you can pick hand embroidered beautiful varieties for Kurtis and our wide range of saree collections for a wedding or any other personal look.


At Madhurya we also offer personal online makeover consulting where women of any age can write to us, if willing they can send their pictures and we can guide them from our clothing to jewelry and how to mix it up. Personal one on one care will be given and we will send pictures of our collection and what our women client can pair it up according to their body type and needs. We also suggest the light make up tips, shoes and the overall attitude, to rock the path you walk! Few days back there was an article in Times of India about women doing cosmetic surgeries to change their feet, body shapes, nose jobs, celebrity lookalike surgeries, to fit in designer shoes and style. I love to quote Sri Sri Ravishankar’s saying here “Fashion has to change, else it ceases to be fashion”. I was very sad to see women go through painful surgeries, expensive maintenance still they don’t feel beautiful! That’s why we at Madhurya decided to offer exclusive makeover look with our own brand of hand designed jewelry and in-trend nature friendly cloths to satisfy our Indian customers to customers from all over the world. We also offer variety of collections, from classical look (like women portrayed in Ravi Verma’s paintings) to popular look like celebrities Elizabeth Hurley, Deepika Padukone etc., Our jewelry can be paired up with your western wardrobe collection as well. Women are the life giving source; if women are happy world can be peaceful and better place.

Kasu malai
Kasu Malai

* Part of the proceeds of our sale supports the education of underprivileged children through the free schools of the Art of living


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