Puja Mantap- For the Spiritual You

Do you know what Puja Mantap Is? With what kind of Material it is made? There are many types of puja mantaps and different kinds of Praying Patterns  too!


Pujas are done by hindus as an indication of honor and worship or to spiritually celebrate an event. This is done using an idol and placing that idol in the Puja Mantap/Mandir.

Puja Mantap
Puja Mantap


Puja Mantap is used inorder to place all the idols in one place. So that it can be treated as a holy place where we can offer our prays to our God. It is like a Official Temple at home.


Ladies at home decorate their Puja mantap differently on a special occasion like Satyanarayana puja, Ganesh puja etc. Then the whole family comes together to convey their gratitude to the God. For everything they are Blessed with.


You can Buy one small, Medium or large Puja Mantap for your house according to the space in your house and if you have special requirement you can customize one.

Buy it for your Mom/ Wife. She will love it. It will be good for your house also.


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