Easy ways to clean your Jewellery in less than 13 min

Some Easy Ways to Clean your Precious Jewellery

1. Long Chain

If you have a long Gold Chain you need to be keen on the thread in chain. You have to clean the unreachable points and get it cleaned.


Apply Tooth Paste on a used Tooth Brush and rotate gently on the delicate parts of your Jewellery. Try not to spoil the Pearls used by rubbing it too much. It may lose the shine.

Note: Choose a normal Paste not a whitening paste.

2. Short chain

Short chains need more attention than Long chains. As the parts can be subtle and break easily while cleaning.


Take any Dish Detergent, just a half Teaspoon in a small piece of cloth. Rub it on the Jewellery. Wash it after rubbing. Dry it in open Air.

Beaded chain

3. Heavy Necklace

Heavy Necklace’s are easy to clean if you know the right tactic. If Gold use tamarind, if not just use polishing cloth to clean.


For Gold Ornaments:

Take some tamarind and water in a bowl. Soak your jewellery in that water for 10 minutes. Take that Necklace and rinse thoroughly with tamarind. Wash it with clean water again. You can see a dirt free and shining Necklace within minutes without much effort too.

Note: If Tamarind pieces stuck in jewellery use a toothpick and clean it.

Other kind:

Take a neat and clean polishing cloth. Rub against dust on your Necklace. Find a new like Jewellery again in few seconds.

4. Diamond Earring

Earrings are so important that if spoilt, you can’t wear the matching necklace. You should keep all your earrings with the sets. To clean Diamond Earrings.


Take spoonful of Glass Cleaner. Dip a soft cloth and wipe the Earring softly and gently with much care and concentration. Your shining look will be back in a second.

5. Bangles/Bracelets

Bangles/Bracelets can be directly cleaned using Nail polish remover.


Take a cotton ball and dip in Nail polish remover. Wipe the bangle with the remover and get a shiny look on your Bangles/Bracelets.

What are your ways of cleaning Jewellery. Tell us and let us implement too. 


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