5 Easy ways to choose a Perfect Kurti in 7 minutes

Indian Ethnic Wear

India is famous for its culture and tradition since ages. Our dressing style is famous all over the world. This is a country of royalties who favorite wealthy silks, long flowy materials, wealthy thread embroideries, gold embroideries, Hand-crafted ornament description on the materials. We have a tendency to check for new trends. We are always evolving incorporation of these into modern-day fashion. There are endless selections once it involves women’s Indian ethnic wear, one to create any girl look stunning, that’s sari.

ethnic wear
Saree our tradition

While sari is that the most well-liked, wearable and handily winner on the ramp of ancient Indian wear, Kurtis must be the foremost sensible, smart and straightforward to wear Indian ethnic wear for girls. Kurti has caught the flowery of womanhood abroad too.

Ethnic wear
Ethnic wear


Choose your kind of Kurti 

Kurtis are the most famous kind of ethnic wear of India. These kinds are generally in different types like anarkali kurtis, long kurtis, short kurtis. Good news is that it makes a woman look slimmer. Try with different kinds of hairstyles for your ethnic wear.

If you are a trifle

Opting for materials like soft silk, crepe, soft cotton, linen, Georgette would be a brilliant idea. Polyester or chiffon would droop off from your body creating you look larger. Smooth materials that cling simply a trifle, area unit a decent selection for you.

Ethnic wear
To the beautiful you!

If Chubby

If you are a bit on the bulky side, choose fabrics like soft silk, crepe, soft cotton, linen, georgette. Polyester or chiffon would hang away from your body making you look bigger. Silky fabrics that cling just a bit, are a good choice for you.

ethnic wear
Selecting the right dress Material for Suit is Must
ethnic wear
Select the right material

Too Slim

If you are too slim and would wish to feature some volume to your figure, opt for heavy silks, jute, thick cotton, fabric mix cotton. You will be able to do happy with chiffon and polyester too.

ethnic wear
Kurti for slim girls

Too Skinny

If you are skinny, long, flaring Anarkalis would cause you to look stunning. Since Anarkali styles don’t seem to be apt for casual wear, you’ll be able to prefer A-line cuts with very little other flare.


Pear Shaped

If you are pear formed, which means your bottom half is greater than the highest half, have your suit created with a yoke. The yoke ends slightly below the bust, giving it some raise and accentuating it additional and making a visible balance between the higher and lower a part of body.

ethnic wear
Try Full Sleeves with heavy jewellery
ethnic wear
ethnic wear
ethnic wear

Short tall

If you’re short tall, wear straight work super that finish 2-3 inches below your knees to elongate your frame.


If you are tall, you’ll be able to simply wear short tops with folded Patiala bottoms. It provides a shaped  volume that balances your height.

ethnic wear
Patiyala bottom
ethnic wear
For short girls

Run through different Types of kurtis

For Tunic type kurtis

While Selecting a tunic or a Kurti, allow them to be a trifle loose over the leggings or maybe jeggings. Tight, short tunics over leggings area unit a significant faux-pas.

Printed kurtis

If it involves prints, the principles are similar for any apparel. Smaller Prints for larger frames, daring prints for little frames, vertical stripes for brief ones, horizontal for tall ones.


While considering the colors, bright, bold, shiny colors for skinny frames and refined, earthy, rustic, dark colors for broad frames. Experiment with colors since they need lots to try to together with your mood and angle. With the correct angle, you’ll be able to carry off any color.

ethnic wear
Full Length kurti


  1. Avoid sleeveless, deep neck or open back styles of the prime, if you are significant. Flesh jutting out of the dress isn’t ingratiatory.
  2. Avoid frills, layers, an excessive amount of description, glitter work round the part of your body that you would not wish to stress.


Whether you are Tall, Short, Dark, Fair the secret mantra is a perfectly stitched and fitted dress. Choose your Ethnic wear wisely and flaunt your beauty.


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