Furniture care and Maintenance at home with less effort

Care and Maintenance of Furniture


Degradation over time  is so common. Appearance change, wood decay, as a result of wear and tear expected on all furniture.

We all wish for a piece of furniture to be new as long as possible. It should be brand new after so many years also. It becomes important to take good care of it. The maintenance is no joke you come across many problems too but trust me you can easily do it if you are careful enough.

Chairs and sofas are mostly used in every house these days. Makes us responsible and get knowledge about furniture, in order to know how these will best be maintained and cleaned.

We shall discuss about dusting, cleaning and stain removal for furniture textile, wood and some other common furniture Pieces.



Any Wood needs care and maintenance to retain its uniqueness and Polish. Untreated wood is sensitive and should be frequently cleaned and processed.Any Wooden Furniture in solid wood should not be in direct sunlight or very near to something hot.This may result in cracks in the glued connections.


  • Untreated wood:
    Wash with water and soap. Use Smooth Brush for stains that does not come off with soap water.Try scrubbing in with extra care. Rinse off all soap. Dry well. Avoid hanging sheets or putting objects on the table until the surface is completely dry.
  • Lacquered and painted wood surfaces:
    These have a strong, smooth and usually water repellent finish with normal use and cleaning.Clean with a damp cloth. Avoid using solvents.
  • Waxed wooden surfaces:
    Hard wax can almost be compared to coated surfaces, Oiled Surfaces have similar quality to soft waxes.The surface is easy to clean but not very resistant.It should be Cleaned carefully with small damp cloth and be treated according to the descriptions producer and supplier provide guidelines on.
  • Oiled wooden furniture:
    Has a slightly fatter surface that is more susceptible to dirt and liquids than other treat surfaces to make them shiny. So you need to wash and treat these often. Clean with caution and should be treated with a furniture oil the manufacturer or furniture shop recommends. Do not hang sheets or put objects on the table until the surface is completely dry.


Depending on customer needs, surface can be somewhat different from others. Powder coated surfaces are robust against wear. Cleaning should be done using a damp cloth. Removal of stains is carried out with a common cleaning detergent and in certain cases white spirit.

Furniture with mounting brackets:

  • climate varies with the seasons. The driest is in late winter when we heat and the most humid in autumn. Wood is hygroscopic – absorbs and releases moisture depending on the climate, and shrinks and swells in response to changes in climate. So, go over the  brackets and tighten them.


Wooden furniture is used in all the houses these days. So damages are cso common and care should also be taken. Read above for detailed explanation.

Tell us which is your way of preserving your piece of furniture?


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