Vastu Tips for Location to Worship,Interiors,Colors For Puja Mandir

The Pooja Room is the place where the deities, idols are kept and used for worship , prayer, meditation. A well designed, large space used to reserved for the puja room in an earlier days and that was accessible from the Living Room. However, today we dont give much space for the Puja Room , sometimes just a small pooja mandir placed inside the Kitchen.Know more on which Wood to use to get more benefits from Puja Mantap.

Puja mantap

Vastu ­Shastra

Best Location For Worshipping God At Home

1. North­East, East or North 

The Pooja room should only be in the North­East, East or North side. The Scientific Reason for this is, the Sun is in the North­Eastern position of the home. These hours are mostly used for meditation, yoga , prayer as it should be very peaceful. Also, in very early morning Sun rays have a nice effect on our health. Thats why the North­East corner is the best position for the worshipping idol in pooja mantap. The Puja area are often within the Centre of the House: The Scientific Reason­The central a part of an oversized house ought to be unbroken receptive permit correct flow of air and cross ventilation. It is sensible to own a Puja area right within the middle of this court because it are often seen from all rooms and also the area is employed.

The Puja area ought to be within the Ground Floor and not within the Basement.


A basement could be a dark and dingy place and one cannot get pleasure from the morning sun rays here.The Puja area mustn’t air the higher floors: The Scientific Reason ­ The Puja area is supposed for worship or meditation and this activity is usually recommended for everybody, everyday, particularly within the mornings once our minds area unit contemporary and not nonetheless corrupted by several thoughts. If the Puja area is found on Associate in Nursing higher floor, then it will shelve physically inactive folks just like the weighty, or the old or the sick, from creating the trip to the Puja everyday. The climb up the steps will place them off and since it’s out of sight from the normally used rooms on the bottom, one could even forget to pay many minutes everyday, in considered God or life!

Puja mantap

2. Kitchen

If there’s no area for a Puja area, the Mandir is often placed within the North­East corner of the Kitchen.

The Scientific Reason

In flats it’s going to not be attainable to own a separate Puja area, however since one starts the day by coming into the room, having a Puja here helps one to pay many quiet moments in meditation in a Special Puja Mantap.

Puja mantap


1. Avoid Puja mandirs within the Bedrooms

The Scientific Reason ­ many of us could feel uncomfortable to slug with their feet towards the spiritual idols, as they believe it’s disrespectful to god.

2. Avoid a rest room close to or on top of the Puja Room

The Scientific Reason A rest room causes disturbance once folks use it and additionally the smell will distract whereas one is meditating.

3. Avoid idols facing North

If done, the worshiper should face South that isn’t sensible.

The Scientific Reason

When a worshiper sits facing South, his feet area unit towards the south and his head is within the North. This causes the north of the body, particularly the pinnacle to repel the Earth’s north Pole.

4. Avoid broken idols or torn pictures

The Scientific Reason ­ Praying to a broken idol or torn image

of a immortal are often distracting.

5. Avoid idols facing each other


The aim of getting idols during a Puja area is for one to be ready to see them and meditate. Idols ought to be unbroken a minimum of an in. faraway from the wall:The Scientific Reason ­

Keeping the idols faraway from the walls, ensures that there’s correct movement of air and

incense smoke through the space.

Bonus Tip

Idols should be placed within the North­East, East or West of the Puja

The Scientific Reason

­ The morning daylight streams in from the North­East, East and also the evening lightweight from the West can illumine the idols sanctioning you to ascertain them higher.

How To Decorate Interiors Of a Puja Room

Puja mantap

1.The Puja area ought to have a lower ceiling

One will use false ceiling for an equivalent.

Scientific Reason  A Puja area is usually alittle area and then having an occasional ceiling can create it seem additional proportional.

2. The Puja area are often a pyramid formed space

The Scientific Reason : It’s identified scientifically that sitting during a pyramid particularly whereas meditating will produce positive effects on the health of the person.

3. Keep the Puja area clean always 

The Logic  By cleanup the Puja area everyday, it ensures that one spends many  moments in prayer. additionally it’s how of showing reference to God.

4. Door to the Puja area ought to have 2 shutters

The Logic ­ once doing puja or meditating, the door is unbroken open outward and may are available the method if it’s one shutter. There ought to be a threshold at the doorway to the Puja area.The Scientific Reason ­ A threshold prevents ants and insects from coming into and this can be helpful during a Puja area, as foodstuff could also be offered in prayer. For protracted meditation, sit facing East and avoid facing the idols: If meditation goes to last for over quarter­hour one mustn’t sit specifically facing the idols. The Logic ­ once meditating it’s best to face East because the morning sun’s rays area unit useful to one’s health. If one keeps viewing the idols, it are often distracting. furthermore the energy that radiates from them are often terribly robust.

Colors For A Puja Room to Get More Benefits

Colours within the Puja room: are often white, lightweight yellow or lightweight blue. White or lightweight yellow marblework within the area is most liked.

The Scientific Reason 

White marble shines and reflects lightweight, therefore enhancing the brilliant and well ­lit look of an area. an equivalent is true just in case of sunshine colors.

Puja mantap


The Pooja Room is the place where the deities, idols are kept and used for worship , prayer, meditation.This post gives you tips regarding Vastu tips for Puja/ Prayer area.

Tell us your place of prayer and where you place your Puja Mandir.


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