My Travelling Experience for sourcing

Travel for Madhurya’s Product sourcing

The most adventurous, exciting, eye opening, full of discoveries trips.

When I first came to the Art of Living Ashram to work at Madhurya , I was assigned marketing and on further extension to the work came travelling.Yes somewhere the thought was there to travel and learn, and so things fell in place. Got my tickets done and left for Jaipur. The “Pink city” to my amazement was full of treasure everywhere. The market to my amazement was a never ending saga.


The people warm and the monumental structures to my amazement with big arches depicting the spaciousness and grandeur. The lady devotee I was staying with was a helpful devotee.


Jaipur has 13 states as I gathered from her, and she was the queen of one of the states, the Bahria state. Her house was impressive decorated with a lot of eye catching traditional “Rajasthani” antique furniture which she has been hand picking since last 30 years. The markets in Jaipur were full of traditional tie dye  fabrics, garments, dupatttas, slippers, jewellery, glass ware, garden furniture, garden accessories, marble gift pieces, wood painted in fabric form, wooden elephants, camels ,jharokhas, bangles, block printed bed sheets.


The pricing was amazing. We were smiling standing in the market. Let me tell you, one cannot explore Jaipur in one visit, every time one goes, one tends to find more and more. Jaipur is so rich with traditional arts. It is blessed to be the hub of many form of traditional arts of India.


The last time  I visited in this november 2014 ,I was assigned to visit the blue pottery section.An art which is dying for the reason the next generation is getting trained to become engineers and doctors.The blue pottery visit was an eye opening  experience ,as to my surprise all was hand painted and then heat treated to fuse the colors and to give a glossy finish.


We happened to visit some museums for gathering inspiration for ethnic traditional jewellery too and landed up in a beautiful library inside the museum, maintained by the Government of India.


We clicked some 300 pictures to make an inspirational bank of ideas for our designers back home.All of them from different eras.We felt so proud to explain about” Art Of Living” and “Madhurya” ,and our vision to support free education and food for children for more than 400 schools and at the same time helping the various traditional art forms of India to find place and appreciation again in our homes, at the same time supporting the artisans to continue what they are doing with courage and pride.

Share your experience with us.


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