Design Craving of the Bangle lover in You

Every lady wants perfect Gold Bangles to wear which would suit her outfit. Here are some amazing designs for the real Gold Bangle lover and the Perfect Bride. Check them out!!!

1. Jali-work Kada

Broad jaalaakshi kada with beautiful lattice window-formations throughout. An attractive wrist jewellery best suited for Indian Ethnic wear. This Bangle design resembles Architectural design of South Indian Temples. The intricate lattice window-style carvings within the broad frame give it a simple yet attractive elegance. This goes best with ethnic wear suited for all occasions, with its skin-friendly design.

Bangle- Jali-work KadaSource:
2. Rubies & Crystals Bangles

Pink rubies and crystals embedded bangle pair, in the Temple jewellery style.Bangles designed with pink gemstones and crystals held across in silver with gold-plating. This wears a festive look with an element of sweetness and charm.
Temple jewellery is an exclusive piece of art made using special symbols from South Indian temples made by skilled artisans, in gold and silver with semiprecious rubies and stones.

Bangle- Rubies & Crystals Bangles


3. Philgiri Kada with Gems

Temple jewellery styled Philigiri Kada with elaborate designs and brilliant crystalline gemstones. Philgiri kada embedded with red and green crystaline gemstones, held within the gold-coated silver.
The formations around the gemstones are in delicate elaboration of traditional designs like soft feather patterns, bright gold-drops and charming creeper curves.Inspired by temples in South India, this is an exotic Temple jewellery piece.

Bangle- Philgiri Kada with Gems


4. Elaborate Bracelet with Stone-work

Elaborately designed bracelet incorporating different colored gemstones highlighting green and red making a beautiful formation of flower in the middle. The traditional patterns carved out on the bracelet give it a complete aesthetic aura. Mystical bracelet with granular patterns formed with profound skills and taste of aesthetic sense.
The central floral-bunch pattern with incorporated red and green gemstones forms the core.

Bangles- Elaborate Bracelet with Stone-work


5. Four-facet Bracelet

Bracelet with embedded gemstones in auspicious red-green colours at the four facets with delicate weaver’s carving on the gold-plated silver. Bracelet with centrally embedded gemstones in auspicious red-green colours.

Design Patterns are made in a flow through the golden bracelet giving it a precious, intricate aura.

Bangle- Four-facet Bracelet


6. Flower-centred Bracelet

Broad bracelet in the temple jewellery style, with an attractive central floral pattern of green and red gemstones at the front facet.

Broad bracelet in the temple jewellery style, with a central floral pattern of green and red gemstones at the front facet. Classic patterns circle the bracelet with a touch of traditional glory and aesthetics. Made in gold, silver and semiprecious rubies and stones to suit the bride’s saree or lehanga.

Bangle-Flower-centred Bracelet



Live up to your expectations and choose the best. It’s given above on which designs would be best for you.

Share your reviews on favorite Bangles.


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