10 Simple Steps to create Your Own Pooja Mandap

10 Steps to create Your Own Pooja Mandap

God’s place in our lives is inevitably the foremost cherished and honored as he’s the thing of our highest respect and esteem. Since past times we’ve got incontestable that respect in honouring his figure by guaranteeing the most effective and also the most inventive kinds of seating him in our homes and positioning him in our lives. If you can’t make one just Buy Pooja Mandir for Home Online.

10 steps for building your own Pooja Mandir
Step 1:
Draw clearly but you’d just like the entire issue to seem like , this could stop ample it slow and trip to home depot. The blueprint I created sounded like this.
Now the one I designed was a combine of.5 ft wide, 1.5 foot long and 3ft tall. you will be able to choose smaller dimensions if you’d like.
Step 2:
Get your tools on. you will be able to appear the fodder with ancient screw driver , but i will be able to be able to advocate you get associate degree influence screw driver. This could build things ton easier you’re be able to borrow from your friends or get one from home depot for as low as 30$. in addition to the current you would like a hand saw. you will be able to get one for as low as 5$. do not arrange to use your room knife for this. you will find yourself with rough edges.

Step 3:
To urge the essential structure up, you’ll be wanting 3 things. a pair of planks on high and 4 stands between them. to buy for the planks, attend home depot and catch hold of the associate at intervals the lumber area. Once you decide on up the ply board, he will cut it for you. devour one factor that’s a minimum of 3/4 or one in. thickness. don’t do this with a saw, twig cut reception depot. presently for the stands get four of these. you would like to buy for few screws however. a lot of no of box of varied screws area unit required . Devour four legs on it the whole issue will stand.

Step 4:
Place the planks on every side and place the stands between them. Tighten a pair of screws per stand on all sides. Screw at intervals the four legs on the lowest plank. you will be able to apply alittle & carpenter glue thereon area before presently you want to have a stand that looks like this. you will be able to worth a lot of extremely to feature wood brackets in facet however it is not obligatory.
Step 5: After you finish Step four, you will notice that the stand is additionally still wobbly. this might be fixed by adding a thin plywood at intervals the rear. this might be skinny, around 1/4 in.. you want to get a plywood that’s of same height and breadth of the mandap. you have to position the mandap down and easily use nails, to repair it to the rear side of the mandap. you will be able to worth a lot of extremely to feature any decorative foot on the very best, however it’s nonmandatory.

Step 6 :
Now’s the time for adding a gopuram on the very best. this might be achieved by puting a pair of block moulding next to each various. Use nails or screws here, you will be able to merely use carpenter glue. presently it need to look like this.

Step 7 :
Your mandap need to be making an attempt nice presently. we have a tendency to area unit progressing to presently add a line of moulding on the very best. Get one in every of the decorative moulding and add it to the very best. you will be able to use your creative thinking here. you will be able to even get a moulding and paint them. These moulding unit sold conjointly long piece, so only 1 of them area unit progressing to be good to travel. Use your hand saw to cut them to acceptable length.

Step 8:
Presently we wish to feature the rail moulding to the lowest. The house depot guy would possibly refuse to cut it as a result of it’s light-weight. so you will be able to cut it victimization you would like to careful for your hands make sure you hold it steady to urge edges. you will be able to use carpenters glue to remain them on the lowest left, right and front. presently all finished trade.

Step 9:
The only real issue you would like to do to try to to now’s painting. you will be able to worth a lot of extremely to stain the wood then apply primer and paint. but applying stain is not obligatory. you will be able to get a paint that has primer in it and apply it. Home Depot and choose the color you’d like. you will be able to in addition get the spray kind paint if you are doing not would like to use the comb. choose a shiny paint to urge the shining. i don’t would like to advocate any color so please use your creative thinking here. Pooja Mandir, Mandir for Home, Puja Mandir, Temple for Home, Pooja Mantap call as you like but everything is used to worship god.

Step 10 :

You will be able to place any light-weight on high. i choose a little low beneath cabinet light-weight. in addition you will be able to build a visit to Michaels to urge ton of shiny sticker quite art that is ready to appear nice on the mandap. you will be able to worth a lot of extremely to position a red material on the lowest. Hope you would like my post and build your own.


I required to create a Puja Mandap for my home. the first issue was to check on-line to visualize if there unit pre-made ones already accessible and if any native stores unit commerce it. sadly those who I found in native Indian stores were at intervals the vary of 400$. those who were commerce on-line had a hefty shipping fee of 200$ on high of that. That left mine option to build one myself.

Did you ever tried making one Puja Mandir For yourself?


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