Simple Steps to Beautify Pooja Space

How to Beautify Pooja space

Each morning when awakening and having our bathtub we have a tendency to pray to god. we have a tendency to convey him and request his blessings for a stronger and happy life. each Hindu home encompasses a pooja space. It will be a separate space, a cupboard or simply an easy shelf.

Did you know New Pooja Room Vastu Tips you didn’t know.

Step 1

Discovered your pooja room; select a correct place within the North-East corner of your house. If you have already got a pooja space, then make a choice from white, yellow, blue or violet color and paint it. Avoid mistreatment dark shades.

If you want to own any spiritual symbols or mantras to be painted on the wall, add them. notwithstanding what we should always keep our pooja space clean and embellished. never keep or store gratuitous things in your pooja space.

Step 2

Buy mandir/mandap and place it in your pooja space. There ar awing wood, glass and marble mandaps offered within the market these days. Some even have gold coating and Swarovski crystals on them.

You can simply get one with the selection of style and size you yearning for. If you don’t desire a mandap, then select cupboards or open shelves.

Step 3

Now it’s time to lightweight it up. Lighting holds the key to your pooja room’s beauty and serenity. Keep your pooja space properly lit and aired to permit the flow of positive energy. Add a pendant within the centre to form it prettier. you’ll be able to add vibrant junction rectifier lights within the mandap or round the shelf to embellish them.

Step 4

Add a door to your pooja space. select an easy picket door or select one with knotty carvings and bells on them. you’ll be able to even install glass doors and keep your pooja space visible from outside even once the doors ar closed.

Decorate the doorway by inserting flower vases or oil lamps on either facet of the doorway. suspend flower or paper door hangings on the doorway door.

Choose lovely idols, paintings or pic of your god. Adorn them with laced (gota) clothes and jewelry. place laced unfold on the shelves of Pooja Mandir, cupboard or shelf before inserting the idols on them.

You can additionally add a throne (singhasan) made from wood, glass, brass, silver or gold and place the idols on them. See to that that you just don’t place countless idols in your pooja space and build it incommodious.

Step 5

In conclusion, use flowers to embellish your pooja space. build rangoli mistreatment flower, flower petals, rice flour, colored saw dirt and different similar things. Rangoli, kolam, muggu and pookalam are created to embellish our homes and pooja rooms since history.

Create beautiful patterns and styles on the ground or in a very vessel crammed with water and place it in your pooja space.

Hope the following tips on the way to beautify pooja space should have helped you.


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