Simple ways to choose Meditation Cushion


How important is that the right cushion?

How does one begin in selecting the correct meditation cushion? Actually, an ideal meditation cushion will support the right meditation, an uncomfortable cushion will ruin the most effective effort albeit the intention is ideal.

Simple Tips on How to Build a Meditation Chair.

Most people don’t understand that this vital call depends utterly on every individual’s own comfort and preferences whereas you’ll gather info, hear others, even be scientifically analytical, within the finish it’s however the butt sits on the pillow that creates the choice. Solely you’ll shrewdness it feels, and if it works. That being same, the general public still obtain steerage and understanding of what to seem for during a meditation cushion thus this journal goes to supply here some wonderful tips and direction to support you in creating the correct selection.

Imagine this: it’s the tip of a protracted, nerve-wracking day. you’ve got taken a shower, ingested a light-weight dinner, thrown back one or two of martinis (or soda counting on your preference) and you approach your personal meditation area, one that you just have thus rigorously, and thoughtfully, created. you’re determined to meditate for a minimum of twenty minutes in silence with the hope that there could also be some real profit.

You sit quiet your mind. The area continues to be and excellent. No distractions, and no deterrents. Suddenly your hip starts to ache, your leg is cramping, and foot begins to go to sleep. the incorrect cushion might have contributed to those distractions, thus opt for rigorously.

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Vastu Shastra Tips for Placing Wooden Furniture like Chair, Table, Bed

Place Wooden Furniture According To Vastu Shastra

Did you ever know that keeping bed in north-east direction may bring you emotional imbalances & illness or which wood will make you sleep well?

Keep reading for amazing facts of Places to keep Wooden Funriture according to vastu shastra.

1. BEDROOM directions effect –>

  • North –> it will bring financial losses & unrest
  • North-east–>emotional imbalance & illness
  • North-west--> disharmony
  • East–>children will suffer from ill health & disease
  • South-east–> short temper

Wondering what could be the perfect location to sleep???


  • Master bedroom= south-north , south-west
  • Children bedroom= east-west
  • Guest bedroom= north-west
  • shape of bed room & bed should be rectangle or square

Extra Tip: Tv should not be used in bedrooms. Bed should be made from Neem wood because it helps in healing physically n mentally & removes all the disease in body.


  • East , west & north are allowed
  • larger window should be in north or east. & smaller window should be in west facing


  • East or north
  • Seesam wood is good for dressing Table because of shines in Seesam


  • not in south or south-east ruled by yama & agini
  • it should not be in bedroom
  • not in next to kitchen
  • Mango wood is good

6)wooden jhula–>

  • North facing
  • Any wood


  • Mango tree can be used

8) sofa–>

  • South to north
  • Seesam & Sagon, teak wood


  • East & west
  • seesam & sagon , teak wood


  • North-East corner
  • Teak wood


  • ANY WOOD can be used


  • SOUTH – EAST facing door of the kitchen
  • Coffee & dinning table can be placed in east , west & north side only



Cant be used inside the house

2 NEEM–>

Signifies a form of devi so neem wood can be used in downside the entrance of door where nobody keeps their leg on the wood.

Bed is good to make from neem wood because it heals from all the disease physically & mentally too.


POOJA MANTAP should be made from mango tree.

Old story of Mango tree brahmi ji brought mango tree (including dhaan & paan ) on earth from swarg log so it is used in all pooja even.

its very pure & can be used for making any wooden material.

Check out to know tips on How to clean Furniture easily.

Do you have any tips according to Vastu Shastra??

Tips To Make Online Furniture Shopping Easy

Yes – online furnishing is already initiating in fairly new e-commerce markets like India. we tend to powerfully believe that online is maybe the sole model to possess a sustained retail presence given most cities across the developing world at the smallest amount have terribly high retail prices, painful traffic to slow through and a excessiveness of different things to try and do in life with one’s time! 🙂

Having aforesaid that, corporations ought to surpass within the following via aspects to be ready to provides a nice answer to users –

1.  High quality visual marketing: furnishings clearly falls within the realm of emotional

2. e-commerce and visual selling: the merchandising has to be high notch to invoke the necessity.A sense of size of the product: Either by victimisation silhouettes or through good mobile answers (no ideal solution nevertheless within the market world-wide), users ought to get a way of size on however the merchandise fits into their homes. this may be done by giving a relative sense of size to real-life individuals or objects.

3. Ground-breaking social and promoting communication – There’s a robust sense of word of mouth and trust that plays on this category; therefore your communication on social media or on any digital front has to be true, participating and honest. Your digital expertise ought to additionally robust integrate with social calls to action. The market is big enough for both of them to sustain themselves.

Young Indians do not have furniture choices as we had a decade ago. They want light sleek furniture and quality is not important. When I say quality I do not mean that online retailers sell bad quality stuff, but the preference for teak furniture and good plywood for long lasting furniture is no more.

People want to keep experimenting with looks and thus prefer online furniture choices.

Online portals can be directories, affiliate links or a website offering resources that might be helpful to its visitors and/or customers. Some online portals are a great way to find furniture and other businesses. For example, there are paid directories that check whether a business is legitimate. Others might be more concerned about luring people to make purchases without checking out the legitimacy of the company.

Much like any other online purchase, buyer beware is important to remember when you buy furniture online. Verify the website is secured, which is often indicated by a logo with a lock or other security symbol at the bottom of the home page. The website should provide clear and detailed contact information including an address, phone number and email address. Read consumer reviews about the the furniture company to ensure they offer quality products and good service. While an online portal may lead you to possible resources, you still have to check them out yourself.

If you’re the busy kind of person, it is better to purchase Furniture Online from some good Online Stores. My tip is that in looking for furniture online, you seek first for customer reviews to know their own personal experience about the product. This will help you decide whether you must buy the furniture or find for other stores online.

Spectacular service levels: whether or not it’s offline service levels or digital service levels (email, FB, chat, Twitter, phone etc.), client service levels got to be high notch for them to require you seriously as a complete or an organization that they’ll trust a big-ticket purchase with.

4. A wedding with offline: If the higher than four don’t offer adequate returns, then a glance at Associate in Nursing offline extension model (at the smallest amount for product wherever a cushion / seating is involved) could be necessary.

5. Distinctive product-market fit: Finally, the mix of product quality-pricing-service levels has to be exciting for the purchasers (they ought to primarily match to the target user’s perceptions) at the top of the day. an organization that will all of the higher than five however fails on this basic count is unlikely to travel an extended approach.

What are your ways to shop online??

Pros and Cons of Buying Furniture Online

Pros and Cons of Buying Furniture Online

furniture online

Buying furniture online could be risky as well as very beneficial. It all depends upon where you buy it from and how do you select your furniture. Three months ago, in the middle of redecorating my home, I bought a bunch of furniture online. The way I see it, the pros and cons are:


  1. Time: People don’t have a lot of time, and don’t want to waste the weekends running all around town looking for furniture. It saves some time for spending with your family.
  2. Cost: Prices are generally cheaper and you get the advantage of comparing the prices on the spot. Prices can be cheaper online with many discounts.
  3. Variety: Stores generally don’t have all the models and with online shopping you can come across different models.There are lot of options online. You don’t have to go to different stores.
  4. Delivery: The goods are delivered to your home, you don’t have to carry it. In some websites, if you reach a certain amount, you don’t even have to pay for delivery.You can get it delivered anywhere.You don’t have to carry it home. Delivered to your door stop quite a lot of furniture retailers also position the item in the house for you.
  1. More choosing and comparing options : You can compare prices and check through different providers.
  2. Place : You can purchase it from anywhere


  1. Risky deal: You’re buying an expensive product without seeing/ touching- risky! You are buying furniture which can be expensive without even seeing it or touching it so it could turn out to be something that you didn’t expect
  2. Different policies for repayment: I’m sure all the online stores don’t have the same policy but returning/ repayment would become be really difficult. If you have a problem with your furniture the returns process can be a lengthy and stressful experience.
  3. Quality: If you haven’t seen the furniture then you won’t know the quality it.
  4. Depth in Furniture knowledge: You should have knowledge about furniture.
  5. Fraudulent: You may get cheated if you don’t buy from a good company.

Pro Tip: At the end, what I did was this: I looked into the online stores, picked the furnitures that I liked. Then I went to the stores to see them. (because pictures on the websites can be tricky, and believe me they are)
After I made my choice, I bought the stuff online..


There are definitely more pros than cons. And according to my experience you might go for shopping furniture online.

There is a wider selection and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to browse or purchase. The prices are generally cheaper as well. The biggest disadvantage of buying furniture online is that you cannot determine the quality of furniture. Sometimes furniture looks good in the pics but when you actually received them it looks not worth the money.  Also, the website credibility is the another issue as sometimes you are not sure whether the website is reliable or not for online transaction.

On the flip side buying furniture online has its on perks like you get some amazing deals, free home delivery and comfort of ordering with just one click without wasting your time to visit the store for a furniture.

Share your experience with us about your Online Shopping for Furniture.

My Travelling Experience for sourcing

Travel for Madhurya’s Product sourcing

The most adventurous, exciting, eye opening, full of discoveries trips.

When I first came to the Art of Living Ashram to work at Madhurya , I was assigned marketing and on further extension to the work came travelling.Yes somewhere the thought was there to travel and learn, and so things fell in place. Got my tickets done and left for Jaipur. The “Pink city” to my amazement was full of treasure everywhere. The market to my amazement was a never ending saga.


The people warm and the monumental structures to my amazement with big arches depicting the spaciousness and grandeur. The lady devotee I was staying with was a helpful devotee.


Jaipur has 13 states as I gathered from her, and she was the queen of one of the states, the Bahria state. Her house was impressive decorated with a lot of eye catching traditional “Rajasthani” antique furniture which she has been hand picking since last 30 years. The markets in Jaipur were full of traditional tie dye  fabrics, garments, dupatttas, slippers, jewellery, glass ware, garden furniture, garden accessories, marble gift pieces, wood painted in fabric form, wooden elephants, camels ,jharokhas, bangles, block printed bed sheets.


The pricing was amazing. We were smiling standing in the market. Let me tell you, one cannot explore Jaipur in one visit, every time one goes, one tends to find more and more. Jaipur is so rich with traditional arts. It is blessed to be the hub of many form of traditional arts of India.


The last time  I visited in this november 2014 ,I was assigned to visit the blue pottery section.An art which is dying for the reason the next generation is getting trained to become engineers and doctors.The blue pottery visit was an eye opening  experience ,as to my surprise all was hand painted and then heat treated to fuse the colors and to give a glossy finish.


We happened to visit some museums for gathering inspiration for ethnic traditional jewellery too and landed up in a beautiful library inside the museum, maintained by the Government of India.


We clicked some 300 pictures to make an inspirational bank of ideas for our designers back home.All of them from different eras.We felt so proud to explain about” Art Of Living” and “Madhurya” ,and our vision to support free education and food for children for more than 400 schools and at the same time helping the various traditional art forms of India to find place and appreciation again in our homes, at the same time supporting the artisans to continue what they are doing with courage and pride.

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4 Accurate Benefits of Swinging

Wooden Swings 

Swinging is considered to be fun and exciting. The amazing feeling of being weightless for a second at each end of the pendulum, feeling the gush of air on your face as you accelerate down, hitting the bottom of the swing in full speed with the extra g-force on your body is thrilling, giving you chills. To laugh and be happy is most beneficial to both our physical and mental health.swing

Most of the kids would be benefited  from having plenty of opportunities in playground. If you don’t have your own swing go to the playground often. If you are a  working parent it’s a problem to go to the playground every time your baby wants to swing. Buy a swing for home instead. Swinging is a suitable exercise from the time the baby’s neck is strong enough (approximately 6 months) so that you need not worry. Little hands and legs may be hurt easily if not taken care properly. Help your baby swing gently at the early stage to get them used to swinging.He’ll be used to it in quite some time.

wooden swing

There are some hidden facts that the children get from swinging

1. Eye Sight

The development of changing the depth of focus has already started at 6 months and is basically completed during the baby’s second year. One of the most excellent ways of helping in develop of this ability and exercise is, as the baby is moving back and forth constantly changing the depth of focus.Don’t wait too long before you plan fora baby swing for your kid.swing

2. Proper Balance

Eyes and ears are major organs when it comes to balance. When swinging it is not only the eyes that are trained and exercised but also the fluid in the inner ear is constantly swirling back and forth, which is great for the development of balance. When swinging your baby is not only leaning front wards and back wards she/he is also moving back and forth and up and down.

3. Coordination

Pushing looks easier while swinging on a swing but  the truth behind is different.It takes many calories to burn while pushing and pulling your swing along with your body.When the child is  4 years old, he can swing by himself and becomes a Pro at this super art.It’s easy for learning and training full body coordination.

4. Parents- It’s your turn now

There are times when you want to get on with a job without your baby/toddler wanting to be held or clinging to your leg. Put your baby in the wooden swing where it’s safe and at a helping area, where there is some guardian watching them. An occasional push will be enough to keep the baby entertained when you are working . When you are preparing food for the family, a time when baby can be tired and grumpy,this time is the best example. Rocking movements of the swing makes the baby go to sleep.

Swings with easy shifting facility with wheels can be of great help to those who work in and around home and have to look after the little one too.