Design Craving of the Bangle lover in You

Every lady wants perfect Gold Bangles to wear which would suit her outfit. Here are some amazing designs for the real Gold Bangle lover and the Perfect Bride. Check them out!!!

1. Jali-work Kada

Broad jaalaakshi kada with beautiful lattice window-formations throughout. An attractive wrist jewellery best suited for Indian Ethnic wear. This Bangle design resembles Architectural design of South Indian Temples. The intricate lattice window-style carvings within the broad frame give it a simple yet attractive elegance. This goes best with ethnic wear suited for all occasions, with its skin-friendly design.

Bangle- Jali-work KadaSource:
2. Rubies & Crystals Bangles

Pink rubies and crystals embedded bangle pair, in the Temple jewellery style.Bangles designed with pink gemstones and crystals held across in silver with gold-plating. This wears a festive look with an element of sweetness and charm.
Temple jewellery is an exclusive piece of art made using special symbols from South Indian temples made by skilled artisans, in gold and silver with semiprecious rubies and stones.

Bangle- Rubies & Crystals Bangles


3. Philgiri Kada with Gems

Temple jewellery styled Philigiri Kada with elaborate designs and brilliant crystalline gemstones. Philgiri kada embedded with red and green crystaline gemstones, held within the gold-coated silver.
The formations around the gemstones are in delicate elaboration of traditional designs like soft feather patterns, bright gold-drops and charming creeper curves.Inspired by temples in South India, this is an exotic Temple jewellery piece.

Bangle- Philgiri Kada with Gems


4. Elaborate Bracelet with Stone-work

Elaborately designed bracelet incorporating different colored gemstones highlighting green and red making a beautiful formation of flower in the middle. The traditional patterns carved out on the bracelet give it a complete aesthetic aura. Mystical bracelet with granular patterns formed with profound skills and taste of aesthetic sense.
The central floral-bunch pattern with incorporated red and green gemstones forms the core.

Bangles- Elaborate Bracelet with Stone-work


5. Four-facet Bracelet

Bracelet with embedded gemstones in auspicious red-green colours at the four facets with delicate weaver’s carving on the gold-plated silver. Bracelet with centrally embedded gemstones in auspicious red-green colours.

Design Patterns are made in a flow through the golden bracelet giving it a precious, intricate aura.

Bangle- Four-facet Bracelet


6. Flower-centred Bracelet

Broad bracelet in the temple jewellery style, with an attractive central floral pattern of green and red gemstones at the front facet.

Broad bracelet in the temple jewellery style, with a central floral pattern of green and red gemstones at the front facet. Classic patterns circle the bracelet with a touch of traditional glory and aesthetics. Made in gold, silver and semiprecious rubies and stones to suit the bride’s saree or lehanga.

Bangle-Flower-centred Bracelet



Live up to your expectations and choose the best. It’s given above on which designs would be best for you.

Share your reviews on favorite Bangles.


Significance of 8 Ancient Best Necklaces you never knew!

Necklace Design is very special to every woman. This brings grace to a woman. There are some ancient designs which are really famous and elegant that many have them for marriages and sometimes we see elderly women presenting it to the younger generation on the auspicious occasion of Marriage. They store Jewellery(Necklace) with care. Some best ones are:

1. Necklace with rhombus pendant

Splendid choker formed with pink gemstones and gold-drops arranged elaborately. A rhombus pendant is embedded containing the pink gemstones and ghungroo droplets. A splendid creation in the Temple jewellery style. Made in the form of a choker and it constitues clear arrangement of pink gemstones against gold-drops along its round-curve and the gorgeous pendant. Best for any occasion let it be paired with any party wear or ethnic wear.

Necklace with rhombus pendant


2. Gajalakshmi pendant haar

Gold GajaLakshmi pendant arranged with semiprecious red-rubies and joints with traditional motifs embossed.

Red-rubies necklace with a glorious Gajalakshmi pendant. This Temple jewellery is an elegant arrangement of semiprecious red rubies and joints with embossing of traditional motifs. Embedded with dangling ghungroo droplets, this traditional pendant haar is elaborately worked upon to form the symbolic Goddess Lakshmi explained by a pair of elephants and a pair of Peacocks.

Necklace- Gajalakshmi pendant haar


3. Rubied Paisleys Necklace

Pink-green gemstones paisley necklace is a beautiful traditional Temple jewellery that is suitable for all celebrations. Pretty necklace with pink and green gemstones arranged in paisleys strung across linked rhombus formation of tiny pink gemstones.

The elegant appeal of the paisleys is enhanced by the soft lustre of the gemstones. This Temple jewellery with the pure attraction of the natural colors in the gemstones, adds to your appeal statement in traditional wear.

Necklace- Rubied Paisleys Necklace


4. Gold-drops Mala

This is an elegant Temple jewellery with gold-drops malas held at the ends by joints embossed with the traditional peacocks.

The gold-drops malas in four strings held together with a peacock embossed joint. The finish on the gold-drops gives it a crystalline lustre beside the natural golden gleam. Delicate and detailed embossing of peacocks at the end-joints is a skilled work of tradition and unmatched charm on the necklace.This Temple jewellery goes best with ethnic wear.

Necklace- Gold-drops Mala


5. Manikal Haaram

Traditional double-stone necklace of semiprecious rubies with an intricate round pendant dangling from a peacock-pair motif. Pink gemstone-pairs mala with a round intricate pendant of semiprecious rubies and golddrops dangling from a peacock pair link.
This long necklace goes beautifully with ethnic wear and is best suited for traditional occassions. This necklace is designed in the temple jewellery style inspired by the southern temples India. Specially made by skilled artisans in gold and silver.

Necklace- Manikal Haaram


6. Kodi Addigai

Charming traditional necklace of kodi(leaf) maala adorned with golddrops and semi-precious stones in green and pink. Kodi addigai temple jewellery necklace of leaf-shaped motifs extending from carved plates with golddrops and semi-precious stones in green and pink.

This elaborate necklace goes best with ethnic wear and is a mark of statement and beauty for traditional occasions. Kodi addigai’s design is inspired by the architectural design of temples of South India. Specially made in in gold and silver by skilled artisans.

Necklace- Kodi Addigai


7. Kasu Malai

Kaasu maalai is a traditional necklace. This beautiful is a brilliant work of coins is delicately engraved with Goddess Lakshmi shape. Shaped together with auspicious red and green gemstones and gleaming golddrops.Necklace of coins, a statement of wealth in the South Indian Temple jewellery style with Goddess Lakshmi engraved delicately on each coin.
Alternating coins are arranged using red and green gemstones across gentle gold-drops.

A great piece of necklace to wear with ethnic Indian clothing called Kasu Malai. This Temple Jewellery design is inspired by the Temples of South India.

Necklace- Kasu Malai


8. Divine Doublets Necklace

Beautiful double mala of pink gemstones held in carved links, joined by flower joints. It has a gleaming pendant of pink gemstones around a green stone with dangling gold-drops. – Pink gemstones embedded in elaborate links beautifully held in a double mala by flower joints.

The pendant is a beautiful design of pink gemstones around a mid-green gemstone with brushed ghungroo droplets dangling beneath.The necklace is designed in the temple jewellery genre, inspired by Temples of South India.

Necklace- Divine Doublets Necklace


Tell us which one impressed you and how many do you already own?

How to Choose the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

The Major Face Shapes

Human faces are described keeping in mind both to their shape and skin tone. The points below provides a description of the different face shapes in women.



Oval-shaped faces have foreheads that are as wide as the cheekbones. The face is neither round nor narrow but narrows from the cheeks to the chin, creating the oval shape.

shape of face


Round faces are widest at the cheekbones. These look fluffy at cheeks and wide near nose.

shape of face

Heart Shaped

Heart-shaped faces feature a forehead that is wider than the cheeks. The cheeks further taper down to the chin.

shape of face


For a Square face, the forehead, cheeks, and jaws have same size with strong jaw lines.

shape of face


The narrow face has shape similar to square face but is elongated and seems like a rectangle face.

shape of face

Diamond Shaped

On the diamond-shaped face, the forehead and chin are narrower than the cheekbones. Women with diamond-shaped faces have very strong cheekbones.

                                                               shape of face

Choosing the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Shoppers who have a basic understanding of earring styles and face shapes will be able to buy the perfect earrings for every face shape.

Type of Earrings to be chosen by Oval Faces

Oval Faced women feel heaven in choosing any earring. Their face looks great with any design. If want to add extra detail try oval-shaped dangling earrings. These earrings will draw attention to the face’s elegant shape without adding any width or length.Teardrops earrings adds stunnig look.

Type of Earrings to be chosen by Round Faces

Round face women face problem with many Fashion Jewelry Earring. Choose earrings which will hellp your face elongated using Teardrop and dangle earrings. Long, angular designs are to be chosen and avoid rounded designs. Round faced ladies should avoid dangling circular discs which makes the face look wider.

Type of Earrings to be chosen by round shape Faces

Type of Earrings to be chosen by Heart-Shaped Faces

Elongated lines and curves in the earring will help balance out the face and will draw attention to the eyes, cheekbones, and jaw line. Dangle, teardrop, and chandelier earrings are the best choices. Try different combinations with chandelier earrings in diamond shapes it will add extra awesomeness to your face.

Type of Earrings to be chosen by heart shape Faces

Type of Earrings to be chosen by Square Faces

Rounded Designs will suit people with square faces. Elongated, dangling pieces and hoop earrings are best choices. Oversized hoops can give you more sassy look and brush the jaw line or extend below the jaw line. Hoops will make the face appear smaller. Avoid big and wide earrings.

Type of Earrings to be chosen by square shape Faces

Type of Earrings to be chosen by Narrow Faces

Individuals with Narrow face should try studs or pearls to add softness and minimize length. Dangle with hanging earrings below the earlobe are proven to be a good choice. Long dangle earrings tend to minimize the length of very narrow faces.

Type of Earrings to be chosen by Diamond-Shaped Faces

Ladies with diamond-shaped faces should try earrings with long curves. Dangle and hoop earrings suits this Diamond shaped face women. Avoid wearing dangle earrings with diamond shape.

Type of Earrings to be chosen by diamond  shape Faces


Earrings are considered the main part in finishing a women’s accessory which is easy to find but difficult to get the matching one. We women put our full effort to do so. You can also try to make a Earring which suits your choice out of a paper. Amazing right. Highlighting the natural face shape will draw out a woman’s beauty and make others to focus on her best features.

Easy ways to clean your Jewellery in less than 13 min

Some Easy Ways to Clean your Precious Jewellery

1. Long Chain

If you have a long Gold Chain you need to be keen on the thread in chain. You have to clean the unreachable points and get it cleaned.


Apply Tooth Paste on a used Tooth Brush and rotate gently on the delicate parts of your Jewellery. Try not to spoil the Pearls used by rubbing it too much. It may lose the shine.

Note: Choose a normal Paste not a whitening paste.

2. Short chain

Short chains need more attention than Long chains. As the parts can be subtle and break easily while cleaning.


Take any Dish Detergent, just a half Teaspoon in a small piece of cloth. Rub it on the Jewellery. Wash it after rubbing. Dry it in open Air.

Beaded chain

3. Heavy Necklace

Heavy Necklace’s are easy to clean if you know the right tactic. If Gold use tamarind, if not just use polishing cloth to clean.


For Gold Ornaments:

Take some tamarind and water in a bowl. Soak your jewellery in that water for 10 minutes. Take that Necklace and rinse thoroughly with tamarind. Wash it with clean water again. You can see a dirt free and shining Necklace within minutes without much effort too.

Note: If Tamarind pieces stuck in jewellery use a toothpick and clean it.

Other kind:

Take a neat and clean polishing cloth. Rub against dust on your Necklace. Find a new like Jewellery again in few seconds.

4. Diamond Earring

Earrings are so important that if spoilt, you can’t wear the matching necklace. You should keep all your earrings with the sets. To clean Diamond Earrings.


Take spoonful of Glass Cleaner. Dip a soft cloth and wipe the Earring softly and gently with much care and concentration. Your shining look will be back in a second.

5. Bangles/Bracelets

Bangles/Bracelets can be directly cleaned using Nail polish remover.


Take a cotton ball and dip in Nail polish remover. Wipe the bangle with the remover and get a shiny look on your Bangles/Bracelets.

What are your ways of cleaning Jewellery. Tell us and let us implement too. 

Style & Beauty

Western women want to tan their skin, Indian women want to lighten their skin, as the saying goes the grass is always greener on the other side ,No debates, but we at Madhurya thought, why not mix it up? Indian jewelry & traditional wear is beautiful, western clothing is popular, let us face some facts; at Madhurya, we created the fusion look and makeover for women from teenagers to gracefully elder women; with deliciously dark skin to lusciously light complexions. At Madhurya we offer exclusive temple jewelry, imitation jewelry, and wide range collection of Sarees, variety of hand embroidered Kurtis which can easily mixed with our traditional Kurtis, Sarees to western attires, office to wedding look, and also kids apparel. Our collection can be easily paired up to with you western collection also to keep up with changing trends. For example you can wear our beautiful collection of earrings or neck pieces with jeans and white button down shirt, for semi-formal look…or you can pick hand embroidered beautiful varieties for Kurtis and our wide range of saree collections for a wedding or any other personal look.


At Madhurya we also offer personal online makeover consulting where women of any age can write to us, if willing they can send their pictures and we can guide them from our clothing to jewelry and how to mix it up. Personal one on one care will be given and we will send pictures of our collection and what our women client can pair it up according to their body type and needs. We also suggest the light make up tips, shoes and the overall attitude, to rock the path you walk! Few days back there was an article in Times of India about women doing cosmetic surgeries to change their feet, body shapes, nose jobs, celebrity lookalike surgeries, to fit in designer shoes and style. I love to quote Sri Sri Ravishankar’s saying here “Fashion has to change, else it ceases to be fashion”. I was very sad to see women go through painful surgeries, expensive maintenance still they don’t feel beautiful! That’s why we at Madhurya decided to offer exclusive makeover look with our own brand of hand designed jewelry and in-trend nature friendly cloths to satisfy our Indian customers to customers from all over the world. We also offer variety of collections, from classical look (like women portrayed in Ravi Verma’s paintings) to popular look like celebrities Elizabeth Hurley, Deepika Padukone etc., Our jewelry can be paired up with your western wardrobe collection as well. Women are the life giving source; if women are happy world can be peaceful and better place.

Kasu malai
Kasu Malai

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