How to Buy Quality Antique Furniture

How to Buy Quality Antique Furniture

Buying antique furniture with proper knowledge and information can help you in avoiding mistakes and get benefits.

Decide on the type of furniture you need. Then, understand which specific style that matches your personality. It’s about your soul connection with the furniture. Determine its age and value with a few minute test. If authenticity is particularly important to you, consult an expert.

If you love antique Furniture, Though it might sound simple but buying such unique and antique pieces of furniture is not that easy. Understand this before you buy antique wooden furniture.

Factors to Consider

Start by researching and finding sensible hold on for purchasing such antique piece of furniture. Explore the world and appearance into ectoparasite markets and auction homes and you’ll fantastic things which will qualify for antique things. Once you’ve got shortlisted a number of such sensible resources, begin by talking around and collating info from salespeople and antique store vendors. Next, visit the shop or house so check the piece and speak with staff.

If you’re yearning for recent picket piece of furniture then it’s best to take gently used ones. certify that it’s in good condition and has sensible quality wood. for instance, if ar|you’re} shopping for a cupboard certify that the drawers work and also the frames are durable. Check for cracks on the picket frame. If potential, additionally analysis on the complete of the piece of piece of furniture. whereas acquainted brands may need the next tag, it’s suggested to shop for them as a result of notable makers area unit higher than unknown ones.

Another incontrovertible fact that one should perceive is that the piece of furniture is recent however, the standard ought to stay sensible. Avoid shopping for picket piece of furniture that’s poorly created and has scratches. rummage around for well finished piece of furniture that’s in good condition and has no sign of insect infestation. picket product, particularly antique piece of furniture is susceptible to bugs and insects; therefore, register individual that it’s no such defects.

 How to Choose the Best

Age of the wood?

  – Antique Styles

  – Real Antiques

 – Antique Furniture or Reproduced

 – Age of Antique Furniture

  • Style: furniture style provides a rough age estimate.
  • Construction:Different pieces from various periods were created using a different technique. Glue, dowels makes a difference.
  • Legs and Feet:From claw to ball feet, antique furniture utilizes a variety of leg and foot styles-e.g. simple, straight lines with no engravings versus heavily ornamented, elaborate designs. Once you’ve pinned down what kind of legs and feet you are looking at, you can narrow down its age range.
  • Locks and Screws: Cruder nails and screws are older than higher quality ones. Different materials, such as brass or silver, have been used over time on desks and table drawers.
  • Polish:Polish refers to a gloss or sheen on a piece of furniture. It reveals actual wear on an object. Real one is hard to fake, even to the untrained eye.
  • Wood:The materials used to make a given furnitre can provide insight into the furniture’s age.

Buying Antique Furniture online

Using sleek and stylish furniture is a luxury and lavish to everyone who wants to decorate the home or office with different types of modern furniture. Other than decorating the home, furniture is used as a convenient and comfortable place to sit, eat, talk and enjoy a healthy relation with important people. So, it is necessary to purchase the right kind of furniture that is durable with unwavering quality and impeccable designs that provides high standard modern furniture with an unbeatable value.

Quick Tips

Apart from that best tip would include have Patience

Tip 1: Take time and explore what you actually need

Spend a lot of time figuring out what you really like. Go to a lot of stores, ignore the price tags, actually try the stuff out (sit in it, open/close all the drawers, etc), and browse the internet to find even more.

Tip 2: Make Budget

Once you really know your style, anchor your apartment with a couple of functional pieces that you love. Spend your whole budget on just enough to make your apartment functional. If your apartment still feels empty, fill the space in with something temporary from the craigslist free section. My advice would be don’t buy cheap furniture but quality wood furniture.

Tip 3: Go for Local Stores

Start with your local used/vintage stores for used pieces from the designers or brands that you really want to save up for those perfect pieces.

Points to remember while buying Antique Furniture Online

Tip 4: Research a lot online

Pretty extensive range of modern furniture pieces at affordable prices. I encourage you to search Google places, yelp, Craiglist etc, to find what’s designed and/or made locally. You just might find something very special and unique. Never ever be tempted to buy cheap unlicensed knockoffs/copies of Furniture. Or just go to most online shops and look in their contemporary/modern section, you should find something along what you’d like.

Tip 5: Shipping and delivery

No matter if your house-hold are intending to transfer a number of hinders above as well as to a new village or perhaps 2 absent, accomplishing this may use a unfavorable affect your own real in addition to over emotional wellness. Obtaining a shifting organization that could deal with almost all facets of your own transfer can be crucial to be able to minimizing your current pressure stage in addition to preventing virtually any unwanted nervousness. Being a home owner, the transferring corporation’s capability to promise your own possessions get to beautiful ailment need to be ones priority.

Tip 6: Understand yours and your family’s requirement

When you’ve refined lower your alternatives, you will need to initial take into account what exactly your family requires shifted. Making sure that your transferring corporation of this picking can easily provide everyone of your own family things is necessary to some productive shift. Virtually every go consists of transferring home furniture including sofas, dressers along with kitchen tables. While going home furniture, it’s essential that your particular going organization very carefully features as well as wraps every single furniture piece before launching these people in to the shifting auto. Know that your own shifting business will be certified in order to select the best varieties of supplying components for the diversely size furnishings for your ideal security of one’s products.

If the household can be shifting a new important antique as well as loved classic, you have to make certain that your own going corporation is actually happy to cope with these things while using highest health care. Shifting components of this particular characteristics lower lengthy travel.

However deciding on a going corporation that you simply believe in wholeheartedly might appear complicated, subsequent these kinds of suggestions ought to produce the task a tad less complicated. In the event you possibly can safeguarded an organization using expertise, encounter along with a trustworthiness of consistency, your neighborhood shift might be a piece of cake. That is why, make certain your current movers are generally competed in the right managing of varied magnifying mirrors, fine art, a glass as well as exclusive pieces of furniture.


Given that you have confirmed that a furnishings as well as old binoculars can make the idea in your fresh house safely and securely… think about of which enormous violin sitting down inside your lounge room? Enjoy it by following some important tips above. Buying antique wooden furniture can be really expensive. Making it fit your budget is our responsibility.

Share with us your experience with Antique Furniture.


Care and Protection of Antique Furniture

Care and Protection of Antique Furniture

Coating a furniture piece gives you some peace while protecting it from damage. It’s not some complicated procedure.

General Antique Furniture Care

1. Avoid placing antique furniture in front of a window or direct sunlight.

2. Avoid placing antiques near air conditioning and heating vents.

3. Don’t place your antique furniture near fireplaces and stoves.

4. Blot up spills immediately.

5. Dust regularly using a lint free cloth.

It’s worthy to note that not all antique furniture has significant monetary, artistic or historical value. The notion that removing the finish from any antique or collectible piece of furniture destroys the value is only exaggerated by the simple misinterpretation of comments such as this seen on popular television shows.

Antique Furniture Care and Preservation

Caring methods for precious antique furniture have not much changed over the time.

1. Environment

a. Light

UV or ultraviolet light will affect Antique furniture. Antique furniture should be placed out of direct sunlight, and curtains or shades should be used to diffuse or block sunlight when possible. Sunlight can degrade early finishes, wood and fabrics. Clear finishes can yellow or turn opaque from the exposure to sunlight.

b. Heat
The heat can cause shrinking that can loosen glue joints, veneers, inlays and marquetry. Avoid placing your antique furniture in front of heating and air conditioning vents, radiators, fireplaces or stoves.

c. Moisture
Your antique furniture is also affected by the amount of moisture in the air. This expansion and contraction can cause glue joints to loosen, drawers and doors to drag or become stuck in their opening.Changes in relative humidity can cause wood to expand and contract.Extended periods of high humidity can lead to mold growth, rot and insect infestation.

2. Rodents, Insects and Pests

Small Insects and Pests attack Wood, leather, fabrics and upholstery materials easily. Active infestations can be identified by exit holes and a fine sawdust called frass appearing under the piece of furniture. Insects such as powderpost beetles or termites eat their way along the grain inside wood until they mature. Insects bore their way out of the wood leaving exit holes. Infestations should be isolated as soon as possible and an exterminator and/or conservator should be consulted.

Cockroaches can damage the existing finish by feeding on the build up of body oils, grease and dirt that has accumulated on the surface. Their excrement can stain raw wood surfaces found in drawers and interior panels.

Small rodents are attracted to the upholstery materials found in antiques for use when nesting. Rodent activity should be addressed as irreparable damage could result if left unattended.

3. Cleaning and Polishing

The idea that antique furniture needed to be fed with oil to keep from drying out is a myth. Wood does not dry out from the lack of oil but rather from the lack of moisture. As such, storage in hot dry areas such as an attic should be kept to a minimum.Furniture oils for 4. Finish

Furniture oils will temporarily enhance the finish and appearance, but can contribute to the degradation of the finish over time as oils leave a residue that can attract dust and dirt build up.

a. Varnished Finish

The preferred method of maintaining a varnished finish is a coat of high quality paste wax. Furniture paste wax is stable and long lasting. It will provide protection from moisture and dust and is not permanent.

b. Wax for Finish

A thin coat of wax applied following the manufacturers recommendation annually will help protect your antique furniture’s finish. In between waxing, dusting with a soft, lint free cloth on a regular basis. Dampen the cloth slightly and turn frequently. A dry rag can cause scratches when dusting.

Wax may not be appropriate for surfaces with a deteriorating finish; if in doubt, consult a furniture restoration specialist in your area for advice on how to best care for your antique furniture.

c. Silicone based polishes

Silicone based polishes should be avoided as silicone can penetrate the finish and will cause problems with future restoration or repairs. Silicone oil leaves a difficult to remove film behind that affects the adhesion of spot repairs or restoration of the existing finish.

d. Finish for Brass and Copper Hardware

With time brass and copper hardware will acquire a soft patina that may appear to some as unattractive. Brass and copper hardware on historical and other valuable antiques should not be polished to remove the tarnished appearance. The original finish and patina should be retained on the hardware including handles, knobs, hinges, pulls and escutcheons.

5. Handling and Moving

When moving your antique furniture you should check for loose or damaged joinery. Chairs should always be carried by the seat rails as opposed to the back splat, top rail or arms. Tables should be carried by the apron or legs instead of the top which could pull loose from the base. Large pieces should always be lifted and never dragged across the floor.

When transporting your antique furniture it’s best to first remove shelves, doors and drawers. Protect glass doors with moving blankets or other adequate padding. Large items should be transported on their back or top, preferably their back.

Marble tops should be removed and transported vertically. A marble top transported laying flat can crack easily. Mirrors and glass should also be transported and stored vertically.

6. Refinishing

The finish found on historic furniture is as important as the furniture piece itself. Stripping and refinishing removes the original finish coating and damages the patina as well. Once removed, it can never be recovered. Patterns of wear indicating the history of use are also lost during refinishing.

The appearance of antique furniture can be enhanced without damaging the existing finish. Consulting a restoration expert prior to treating your antiques will help preserve what only time can produce. Maintaining the original aged finish should be the primary consideration.


Many antiques increase in value after the proper restoration or complete refinishing and repair. Consult a professional when in doubt. As always, it’s best to err on the side of caution when considering a course of treatment or repairs to your antique furniture. If you believe you might possess a piece with significant historical value or provenance, it’s best to consult a licensed appraiser for values and conservator for any repairs or restoration.

Which ways do you think can protect your Antique Furniture from damage?

Know about Discovery and Classification of Swietenia Mahagony Wood

Know about Discovery and Classification of Swietenia Mahagony Wood 

Swietenia mahagony

Commonly called the the Indies Mahogany, may be a species of Swietenia native to southern FL within the u. s. and islands within the Caribbean as well as the land, Cuba, Jamaica, and Hayti. it’s the species from that the initial mahogany wood was created.

Discovery of Mahogany Wood

The earliest recorded use of S. mahagoni was in 1514. This date year was etched into a rough-hewn cross placed within the Catedral American state Santa María la Menor in Ciudad Trujillo, the capital of what’s currently the Dominican Republic, at the start of the building’s construction. Completed regarding 1540, it’s the oldest church within the the Indies, and its interior was embellished with etched mahogany woodwork that’s still in virtually good condition when five hundred years within the tropics.

Other records visit the employment of mahogany between 1521 and 1540, once Spanish explorers used the wood for creating canoes and for ship repair add the the Indies. future important recorded use was in 1597, relating to repairs for Sir conductor Raleigh’s ships within the the Indies. the primary documented use in Europe of the Indies mahogany for major building structures before 1578 was in European nation. it absolutely was specific to be used within the construction and interior decoration of 1 of the grandest royal residences engineered throughout the Renaissance in Europe, El Escorial. It appears probably that the deserves of mahogany were already well-known which it absolutely was used extensively, since King prince II of Spain’s advisors requisitioned it for creating the inside trim work and elaborate piece of furniture of a bunch of a number of the foremost dearly-won buildings ever in-built Europe:[6] “When in 1578 the king ordered incorrupt and extremely smart woods – cedar, ebony, mahogany, acana, guayacan and iron wood – sent to decorate the Excorial, they’d to be brought from a distance by the slaves… cargo of such woods was created within the summer of 1579 et al. followed through a amount of 10 years a minimum of.”

Mahogany’s 1st major use in European nation and England was for ship building, and through the eighteenth century it absolutely was the chief wood used in Europe for that purpose. Mark Catesby’s explanation describes mahogany’s excellence in this regard: “[Mahogany] has Properties for that Use excelling Oak, and every one different Wood, viz. Durableness, resisting Gunshots, and hiding the Shot while not break.”

In his “The History of Barbados, etc”, the Welsh scholar John Davies (1625–1693) refers to bourgeois ships before 1666 career on the Indies ports to require on occasional shipments of mahogany timber: “Some masters of ships UN agency trade to the Caribbies again and again bring thence planks of this wood that square measure of such length and breadth that there wants however one to form a good and enormous table.”

Ship Construction from Mahogany Wood Furniture

Mahogany, cedar and different woods were shipped a lot of or less often from the the Indies to European nation long before 1575, for European nation at that point dominated the globe and its demand for ship building timbers was monumental. European nation itself had no timber appropriate for building ships and its unfriendly relations with geographic area created drawing provides from that supply impossible; consequently it obtained timber from San Placido Domingo, Cuba and Jamaica for building several ships of the armada before 1588. variety of the most important Spanish ships were engineered of the Indies mahogany.

Spain turned to Cuba for provides of timber appropriate for ship masts, since the rebellion in European nation (the Eighty Years’ War began in 1566) had shut off that supply. in keeping with a passage quoted by nation military service student, Halton Stirling Lecky, European nation continued building ships from the Indies mahogany for 2 hundred a lot of years: “. many Spanish men-of-war were captured by nation throughout military service battles. one among these, the colony, of 80 guns, captured by Lord Rodney off Cape St. Vincent was variable within the royal dock yard at Pembroke Welsh corgi, and tho’ she should are one among the oldest ships afloat, nevertheless all her timbers were therefore sound as after they were place into her, and therefore the whole British navy, and if I (Capt. Chaffell, secretary of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company) am not mistaken, square measure currently provided with tables created out of the colony timbers. The colony was captured in 1780 and was finally variable in 1836.”

The dissemination of Clayton Dissinger Mell’s 1917 treatise on the topic, “True Mahogany”, resulted within the enhanced use of mahogany in ship construction: “It is especially suited to planking, waterways, bulwarks, rails, skylights and companions, bitts, gangway ladders, and different deck work. With the later employment of iron, steel and teak in building, mahogany became way more necessary as a piece of furniture wood, tho’ it’s still most popular to the other wood for the framework of tiny sailing vessels. giant sailing vessels with mahogany framework were sold for big costs and made into fine piece of furniture.”

During war II mahogany was employed in the development of tiny boats from the 21-24 meter (70 to eighty foot) platinum boats (motor Patrol Torpedo) to the tiny rescue boats that were parachuted from rescue planes; its use for boat construction enhanced from one,350 M board feet in 1940 to twenty one,500 M board feet in 1943. typically acknowledged to be fabricated from plyboard, platinum boats were really fabricated from diagonally bedded 25-millimetre-thick (1 in) mahogany planks with a glue-impregnated layer of canvas in between. As a testament to the strength of this kind of construction, many platinum boats withstood harmful combat casualty and still remained afloat. the foremost notable of these instances concerned the PT-109, then commanded by a young officer, John F. Kennedy, UN agency later became the President of the u. s.. The forward half his boat stayed afloat for twelve hours when she was rammed by a Japanese destroyer.

The U.S. Navy Bureau of Ships approves mahogany to be used in tiny boats and high-speed boats that need a wood straightforward to figure, medium in weight however adequate in strength, with low shrinking, swelling, and distortion characteristics, and high decay resistance. In 1966, mahogany still control a vital place within the construction of yachts, launches, motorboats, and little boats of varied sorts. In giant ships its use is confined mostly to interior trim, paneling, and piece of furniture. in an exceedingly giant express luxury liner, the amount for such uses is also considerable .

Furniture made of Mahogany Wood

The Spanish explorers were fast to understand the Indies Mahogany’s special properties; its early importation and use in cabinetwork is echt by the sixteenth century cradle of some fine Spanish Renaissance items. Queen Elizabeth is alleged to possess been curious about samples of mahogany brought by Sir Walter Ralegh on his come from island in 1595. Mahogany was very little employed in English piece of furniture creating till the eighteenth century, as domestic oak and walnut were the predominant woods used. the primary use of S. mahagoni within the uk for cupboard work was in 1724.

S. mahagoni mahogany is employed to form trendy musical instruments as a result of its superior tonewood qualities. it’s generally utilised within the prime of guitars likewise because the back, sides and neck, and isn’t uncommon in older mandolins. The wood is additionally employed in the manufacture of electrical guitars like the Gibson Les Paul models: the Custom, the Deluxe and therefore the Studio. thick laminations of mahogany, poplar and mahogany square measure found in prime of the road drum shells. Mahogany is employed for the picket bars of marimbas.

Classification of Mahogany Wood

Swietenia mahagoni may be a medium-sized semi-evergreen tree growing to 30–35 metres (98–115 ft) tall. The leaves square measure pinnated, 12–25 centimetres (4.7–9.8 in) long, with four to eight leaflets, every leaflet 5–6 centimetres (2.0–2.4 in) long and 2–3 centimetres (0.79–1.18 in) broad; there’s no terminal leaflet. The flowers square measure tiny, created in panicles. The fruit may be a woody capsule 5–10 centimetres (2.0–3.9 in) long and 3–6 centimetres (1.2–2.4 in) broad, containing varied winged seeds.

The bark in younger specimens is sleek and grey, turning into darker and furrowed with age. In the U.S. mahoganies square measure semi-deciduous, losing all or most of their leaves over winter or shedding at the flush of latest growth in spring. New leaves emerge blood red to pink, quickly turning into a bright, light-weight inexperienced and darkening as they mature.

In the Florida keys and south FL, the species grows at the northern extent of its vary, with people reaching 10–15 metres (33–49 ft) tall.

Tell us more if you know more about Mahogany Wood.

Tips To Make Online Furniture Shopping Easy

Yes – online furnishing is already initiating in fairly new e-commerce markets like India. we tend to powerfully believe that online is maybe the sole model to possess a sustained retail presence given most cities across the developing world at the smallest amount have terribly high retail prices, painful traffic to slow through and a excessiveness of different things to try and do in life with one’s time! 🙂

Having aforesaid that, corporations ought to surpass within the following via aspects to be ready to provides a nice answer to users –

1.  High quality visual marketing: furnishings clearly falls within the realm of emotional

2. e-commerce and visual selling: the merchandising has to be high notch to invoke the necessity.A sense of size of the product: Either by victimisation silhouettes or through good mobile answers (no ideal solution nevertheless within the market world-wide), users ought to get a way of size on however the merchandise fits into their homes. this may be done by giving a relative sense of size to real-life individuals or objects.

3. Ground-breaking social and promoting communication – There’s a robust sense of word of mouth and trust that plays on this category; therefore your communication on social media or on any digital front has to be true, participating and honest. Your digital expertise ought to additionally robust integrate with social calls to action. The market is big enough for both of them to sustain themselves.

Young Indians do not have furniture choices as we had a decade ago. They want light sleek furniture and quality is not important. When I say quality I do not mean that online retailers sell bad quality stuff, but the preference for teak furniture and good plywood for long lasting furniture is no more.

People want to keep experimenting with looks and thus prefer online furniture choices.

Online portals can be directories, affiliate links or a website offering resources that might be helpful to its visitors and/or customers. Some online portals are a great way to find furniture and other businesses. For example, there are paid directories that check whether a business is legitimate. Others might be more concerned about luring people to make purchases without checking out the legitimacy of the company.

Much like any other online purchase, buyer beware is important to remember when you buy furniture online. Verify the website is secured, which is often indicated by a logo with a lock or other security symbol at the bottom of the home page. The website should provide clear and detailed contact information including an address, phone number and email address. Read consumer reviews about the the furniture company to ensure they offer quality products and good service. While an online portal may lead you to possible resources, you still have to check them out yourself.

If you’re the busy kind of person, it is better to purchase Furniture Online from some good Online Stores. My tip is that in looking for furniture online, you seek first for customer reviews to know their own personal experience about the product. This will help you decide whether you must buy the furniture or find for other stores online.

Spectacular service levels: whether or not it’s offline service levels or digital service levels (email, FB, chat, Twitter, phone etc.), client service levels got to be high notch for them to require you seriously as a complete or an organization that they’ll trust a big-ticket purchase with.

4. A wedding with offline: If the higher than four don’t offer adequate returns, then a glance at Associate in Nursing offline extension model (at the smallest amount for product wherever a cushion / seating is involved) could be necessary.

5. Distinctive product-market fit: Finally, the mix of product quality-pricing-service levels has to be exciting for the purchasers (they ought to primarily match to the target user’s perceptions) at the top of the day. an organization that will all of the higher than five however fails on this basic count is unlikely to travel an extended approach.

What are your ways to shop online??

Best designed Sofa Bed with a Trending Design

Furniture design is a tricky field. And it’s subjective, not objective: so this means that there is not a ‘best’, but a ‘best for me’. That said, the field of sofa beds has not seen so many good efforts by designers until now (and the field of beds too, apart a couple exceptions).

I assume that you are looking for a contemporary design for Furniture Online.

I need to admit I love the sofa beds from madhurya furniture (even though I’m not a fan of many low-budget things but they did it right.I totally dig BoConcept, the range of product is quite low but the quality is superb. Price tags are quite much, but you come to know more about of these beauties, you know what its worth to pay for beautiful sofa.For an extra bit more, you can even use a tempurpedic mattress instead of their default one, but that makes it even more pricey.

Sofa Bed
Sofa Bed

There are also sleeper sofas from Room and Board that have licensed this design that are also fantastic.The main advantage of all of these sofa is that they do away with the springs and actually use a board for support under the mattress. I prefer a firm bed and have never been satisfied by other sleeper sofas due to the bad design.

furniture online
Biege Sofa

one thing that most of the sofa beds are normally missing is a good mattress. mattress that will be folded and tacked away cant possibly be good enough. what if you could have a ‘real’ bed and mattress that you could fold away and have a beautiful sofa in the room. Best design of sofa is dependent on you. Mattress used sofa looks great. If you want to find best designed sofa then visit . You’ll be amazed at what a faux leather sofa bed can do for your home decor. And the Wing may just be the one to do it.

The main advantage of all of those lounge is that they are doing away with the springs and truly use a board for support below the pad. I like a firm bed and haven’t been glad by alternative sleeper sofas because of the standard style.

one factor that the majority of the lounge sofas are unremarkably missing may be a smart pad. pad that may be doubled and tacked away cant presumably be good. what if might have a ‘real’ sofa and pad that you just could fold away and have a stunning lounge within the space. Best style of lounge depends on you. pad used lounge appearance nice.

Furniture online
Sofa with Ceramic Inset

The purpose is any given object becomes “design” once its aesthetic price exceeds its operate ,as an example, the illustrious architect jar definitely has terribly robust sculptural qualities:

I prefer the fashionable style and therefore the indisputable fact that the cushion flips over to form a bed, thereby avoiding the terrible block that usually makes sleepers therefore uncomfortable.They’re slightly dearer than alternative models, however we’ve detected time and once more that yankee animal skin makes the simplest, most comfy sleepers. Commenters have praised this seat as being comfy for each and sleeping. Soto Sleeper from DWR : This sofa from DWR has created our list for some years currently. It owes its quality to nice ancient styling and a proprietary sleeper mechanism.

you cannot beat the low value on this new possibility from madhurya furniture They additionally supply a spread of covers to stay the seat trying recent and clean.A reader recently pointed within the direction of this new providing from nice styling. Anyone tried it out for comfort? preferably the straightforward styling of this seat. however what i prefer even a lot of is that it’s in-built india with several recycled materials.

Queen Sleeper straightforward styling and inexperienced street credibility makes this a good sleeper. This is straightforward clean lines and, comfy as a settee and as a bed.

Seat Queen Sleeper seat from Crate & Barrel seems like an informal and cozy seat. The cloth covering permits for straightforward cleansing.

Sofa with Ceramic Inset & Carvings

Anywhere Convertible seat from Urban Outfitters For the budget aware, this feels like a good possibility. The cushion folds intent on become a bed and therefore the physical object is merely 56″ wide. created within India.

Share your ideas with us.

Pros and Cons of Buying Furniture Online

Pros and Cons of Buying Furniture Online

furniture online

Buying furniture online could be risky as well as very beneficial. It all depends upon where you buy it from and how do you select your furniture. Three months ago, in the middle of redecorating my home, I bought a bunch of furniture online. The way I see it, the pros and cons are:


  1. Time: People don’t have a lot of time, and don’t want to waste the weekends running all around town looking for furniture. It saves some time for spending with your family.
  2. Cost: Prices are generally cheaper and you get the advantage of comparing the prices on the spot. Prices can be cheaper online with many discounts.
  3. Variety: Stores generally don’t have all the models and with online shopping you can come across different models.There are lot of options online. You don’t have to go to different stores.
  4. Delivery: The goods are delivered to your home, you don’t have to carry it. In some websites, if you reach a certain amount, you don’t even have to pay for delivery.You can get it delivered anywhere.You don’t have to carry it home. Delivered to your door stop quite a lot of furniture retailers also position the item in the house for you.
  1. More choosing and comparing options : You can compare prices and check through different providers.
  2. Place : You can purchase it from anywhere


  1. Risky deal: You’re buying an expensive product without seeing/ touching- risky! You are buying furniture which can be expensive without even seeing it or touching it so it could turn out to be something that you didn’t expect
  2. Different policies for repayment: I’m sure all the online stores don’t have the same policy but returning/ repayment would become be really difficult. If you have a problem with your furniture the returns process can be a lengthy and stressful experience.
  3. Quality: If you haven’t seen the furniture then you won’t know the quality it.
  4. Depth in Furniture knowledge: You should have knowledge about furniture.
  5. Fraudulent: You may get cheated if you don’t buy from a good company.

Pro Tip: At the end, what I did was this: I looked into the online stores, picked the furnitures that I liked. Then I went to the stores to see them. (because pictures on the websites can be tricky, and believe me they are)
After I made my choice, I bought the stuff online..


There are definitely more pros than cons. And according to my experience you might go for shopping furniture online.

There is a wider selection and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to browse or purchase. The prices are generally cheaper as well. The biggest disadvantage of buying furniture online is that you cannot determine the quality of furniture. Sometimes furniture looks good in the pics but when you actually received them it looks not worth the money.  Also, the website credibility is the another issue as sometimes you are not sure whether the website is reliable or not for online transaction.

On the flip side buying furniture online has its on perks like you get some amazing deals, free home delivery and comfort of ordering with just one click without wasting your time to visit the store for a furniture.

Share your experience with us about your Online Shopping for Furniture.

My Travelling Experience for sourcing

Travel for Madhurya’s Product sourcing

The most adventurous, exciting, eye opening, full of discoveries trips.

When I first came to the Art of Living Ashram to work at Madhurya , I was assigned marketing and on further extension to the work came travelling.Yes somewhere the thought was there to travel and learn, and so things fell in place. Got my tickets done and left for Jaipur. The “Pink city” to my amazement was full of treasure everywhere. The market to my amazement was a never ending saga.


The people warm and the monumental structures to my amazement with big arches depicting the spaciousness and grandeur. The lady devotee I was staying with was a helpful devotee.


Jaipur has 13 states as I gathered from her, and she was the queen of one of the states, the Bahria state. Her house was impressive decorated with a lot of eye catching traditional “Rajasthani” antique furniture which she has been hand picking since last 30 years. The markets in Jaipur were full of traditional tie dye  fabrics, garments, dupatttas, slippers, jewellery, glass ware, garden furniture, garden accessories, marble gift pieces, wood painted in fabric form, wooden elephants, camels ,jharokhas, bangles, block printed bed sheets.


The pricing was amazing. We were smiling standing in the market. Let me tell you, one cannot explore Jaipur in one visit, every time one goes, one tends to find more and more. Jaipur is so rich with traditional arts. It is blessed to be the hub of many form of traditional arts of India.


The last time  I visited in this november 2014 ,I was assigned to visit the blue pottery section.An art which is dying for the reason the next generation is getting trained to become engineers and doctors.The blue pottery visit was an eye opening  experience ,as to my surprise all was hand painted and then heat treated to fuse the colors and to give a glossy finish.


We happened to visit some museums for gathering inspiration for ethnic traditional jewellery too and landed up in a beautiful library inside the museum, maintained by the Government of India.


We clicked some 300 pictures to make an inspirational bank of ideas for our designers back home.All of them from different eras.We felt so proud to explain about” Art Of Living” and “Madhurya” ,and our vision to support free education and food for children for more than 400 schools and at the same time helping the various traditional art forms of India to find place and appreciation again in our homes, at the same time supporting the artisans to continue what they are doing with courage and pride.

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