How to Care your Silk Saree

Maintaining Silk Saree
It’s not easy to have a silk saree at home, it requires smart work to maintain a silk saree with little care.


Care & Maintenance of Silk Saree

It’s not easy to have a silk saree at home, it requires smart work to maintain a silk saree with little care.

Silk Saree Care and Maintenance
Silk Sarees Care and Maintenance



  • Silk Sarees must be dry cleaned for initial washes, rather than washing with detergents.
  • After few uses you may use mild detergent
  • Try not to brush the saree rigorously
  • Never mix and wash Silk saree with other clothes, this may damage the quality of Zari
  • You can also use mild shampoo to retain the shine of the silk saree
  • Do not fold in an improper way and throw away after wearing
  • Let dry the sweat under the fan or in sun for 5-10 minutes then fold it upside down.
  • This will make the saree stay shinning and perfect for decades to come.


After dry-cleaning or washing, dry the saree in really less sunny time or in shade, or else the color will shade early.

  • Roll the saree in dry cotton cloth and remove water
  • Hang on hanger
  • Avoid direct sun light

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is the best way to remove any stains from saree.

  • Solvents are used which don’t affect the quality or color of the fabric
  • Silk isn’t affected by these dry cleaning materials, helping in retaining the shine through ages


We, at home generally doesn’t iron the silk saree ourselves, as it’s really a big & important task. Little absence of mind the silk thread burn away. Anyways,

  • Use Iron on low or medium heat
  • Use White paper for best crease and folding.
  • Steam Iron is best for silk sarees
  • Take extra care with extra soft materials
  • Never use news-paper, as the black Ink sticks to cloth while ironing


  • Keep you saree away from insects, in a dry place
  • Do not just leave your saree just like that, instead remove the fold once in a while and fold again
  • Fold upside down, preferably
  • Wrap in muslin cloth
  • Use white paper for folding to ensure wrinkle free saree


  • Rinse immediately in case of stain
  • Use Talcum Powder if any greasy thing falls on it. Let it soak for some time and then wash it later. Read on How to Remove Stains from Silk Saree.


Take care of your Silk Sarees which you buy online or at any retail store. Wash, Dry clean, Store, take care of stains too.

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